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Tim Garstman

On this page you will get an impression of me, see a few of my projects and get a look at my capabilities.
I love creating visual design and art. I hope to combine this passion for art with all the user experience design skills I learnerd throughout the years


Living in Leiden,
The Netherlands


Studying Communication & Multimedia Desgin


Having a blast with
Adobe Illustrator


Designing for users
with UX skills

About myself

Since my youth I have had much interest in art, visual design and the digital world. These interest can I express at my study “Communication & Multimedia Design” at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where I am learning about user experience and finding the right solution for digital problems. In my spare-time I like to be creative, draw, paint and create digital artworks.

Please view my projects below to get an impression of my skills and ideas.

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What i do

During my study and internship I have developed a lot of skills regarding designing a website. Below is a collection of these skills shown and explained why it is important in a project. During a user experience project I will follow each step to achieve something great.

01. Research

During my study one thing kept being point out, you can not start designing without doing your research first. In particullar researching the users who are going to use your future product. As a designer you see your project in the perspective of a designer, the user does not. You NEED to do research, ask all the questions, get in the users perspective.

I have already done a lot of research, such as interviews. I know how important this task is for the future product.


02. Wireframes

Based on research you can create wireframes. These are further used as example and support for your design choices and tests with the user. I have created many wireframes, especially differend versions of the same screen. With wireframes you can make the best choices and nevertheless let your users explain which version they prefer.

Before I have made wireframes in Adobe Photoshop, Justinmind and Axure. I am planning to learn the usage of Adobe XD in combination with Adobe Photoshop.


03. Testing

Testing is the most important part of the design process, even more important than doing research. If you do not test your product, you will not know if it works untill the release, which is too late.

I have tested a lot in the beginning of a project as well as near the end. During tetsing I have fixed many problems and optimalized the product to fit better to the users needs. I have experienced the importance of testing.


04. Designing

My favorite part of the process is by far the designing of a website. I am going crazy about colours, fonts and other aspects about design. It is good to wait with this part, because in an earlier phase of the project it will be a disturbance for the testing quality. While designing, the project comes alive. It will look more and more like a finished product.

I design most of my projects in Adobe Illustrator, because I adore this program and have good skills. I can also work well with Adobe Photoshop, which sometimes suits better.


05. Prototyping

The last part of the design process is making a prototype that looks real and works kind of good, but not as good as the real website. Simply because it is not a real website. As designers we can make a prototype to show the client and developers how the website should look and react. A prototype can also be used for testing with the users.

As an User Experience Designer I will not develop the project any further, simply because I do not master enough skills to program a full functioning website. This is a whole other field of expertise.


06. Feedback

As a designer you are constantly working with feedback and you need to know how to deal with it. At my study, but mostly during my internship I have gotten feedback on my projects many times. Sometimes it was a challenge to process the given feedback in a project, but almost all feedback was good. Especially if I reflect on the project after the finish I realize how usefull it was. Things you do not see yourself will be noticed by others.

I know the importance of feedback and how to handle it. A projects success can really depend on the handle of feedback.


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Below is a selection of previous projects. Most of these projects are artwork I made in my spare time for fun and to enhance my skills. Some projects are the result of my internship at 'VakantieVeilingen' which where eventually posted throughout their emails, Facebook and website.
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